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Ron Ringer

Managing Director of Syntax

Ron Ringer studied at Nottingham University and graduated with a degree in economic and social
history in 1974.

He completed a professional teaching qualification at Liverpool University in 1975 and migrated to Australia in 1979. He gained a Masters degree in History from UNSW in 1991.

Ron is a member of the Australian Society of Authors, Royal Australian Historical Society and the Professional Historians Association (NSW).

Ron Ringer has been commissioned by many of Australia’s leading financial service providers, academic institutions and corporations to provide strategic communications services on large documentation and publishing projects. He is also an independent historian and the author of nine HSC textbooks for publishers, including Pergamon Press, Maxwell Macmillan, Pascal Press and Macmillan Education Australia.

Publications by Ron Ringer

A History of Elgas (2004)

An Australian Story

Along the Wayside: a short history of the Wayside Chapel (2014)

Spirit of SMEC: Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (2012)

Summoned by Bells: A history of St Jude’s Randwick, 1855-2015 (2016)

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